Tourism Advocacy Paper 2018


Philippine tourism is improving, however the slow pace of development means that competitors in the region outperform the local tourism sector. The Philippine tourism sector as a whole generated USD 36 Billion or 12.2% in Direct Gross Value Added to the 2017 Gross Domestic Product. This is higher by 24.2% than the previous year’s record of 29 Billion USD. Moreover, expenditure from foreign tourists increased by 43.9% to 8.4 Billion USD in 2017  compared to 5.8 Billion USD  in 2016. This makes up 9.2% of the total exports from the Philippines and is the country’s third largest export. Domestic tourism expenditure, on the other hand, increased by 22.5% from 39 Billion USD  in 2016 to 49 Billion USD.