Healthcare Advocacy Paper 2018


Human capital is considered to be at the core of the overall economic development of a country. With this, the Philippine government has continued to undertake measures that help provide access to quality and affordable health care services for every Filipino.

Among the country’s steps towards this goal is the increased total health expenditure, recorded at PhP655 billion in 2016, from PhP593 billion in 2015. The Philippine budget allocation for health has also shown a positive trajectory at PhP171 billion in 2018 from PhP151 billion in 2017. Out of this total budget, PhP106.08 billion was allocated to the Office of the Health Secretary, while PhP60.63 billion was directed to Universal Health Insurance.

Despite key developments in the sector, there remain challenges and issues in the Philippine healthcare arena. This includes high out-of-pocket expenses, national health insurance coverage and benefits, and the availability and affordability of drugs in the country. Moreover, potential remains in key health subsectors such as medical devices and medical tourism.