EPBN can provide a range of services to facilitate and support the EU SMEs’ market access in the Philippines and ASEAN markets.

Our activities can be subdivided in three main sectors:

Business Support

Advocacy Services

EPBN’s advocacy staff is responsible for the research on Philippine policies that impact trade relations with EU businesses. The EPBN’s advocacy staff is not only an expert in trade regulations, which is a condition that enables EU SMEs to benefit from the most interesting trade incentives and regulations, its role also consists in addressing EU SMEs’ concerns and forwarding them to the local government agencies to improve trade policies and practices in favor of the EU-Philippines’s bilateral trade. These are in short the government relations support services.

We organize on regular basis work committees in the different sector we are active; this committees are the best place to meet other high level representatives of the different stakeholder of the sector. It is a place where we discuss issues and work on solutions for the sector, with ad hoc technical working groups. You are welcome to join these committees if you are a member of one of the partner European chambers.

Business Support

Concerning the EPBN’s business support services to EU enterprises and SMEs, it consists of the advocacy and business research findings, implementing of strategies and setting up business opportunities for EU SMEs’ successful market entry. Thanks to these outreach activities the EPBN is able to reach out to EU based business agencies, chambers of commerce and analogous entities and to disseminate to them information about current business opportunities in the Philippines. These services do not engage any fee. This means that many of our research activities, which end with the publication of business information and  high-quality material (PPT with overview on Filipino business sectors, 2 pager-Industry Overview Business Primers, newsletters, list of main business events in the Philippines), are provided by the EPBN for free.

List of Business Services

Thanks to the cooperation between eigth EU chambers of commerce, which constitute the EPBN project (each of them focusing on two specific business sectors) EPBN is able to provide a strong support to any EU SMEs that is interested to access the Filipino market.

Thus, all the above services do not entail any cost. We employ the following pricelist from the moment when an EU SME asks for a specific market study, information and other customized services.

  1. Business Primers (14 different sectors / 16 primers – 100€ per sector primer)
  2. Contact list (distributor, client, or supplier)
  3. Comprehensive search services (distributor, client, or supplier)
  4. Partner or investor search
  5. Market information or scanning
  6. Company pool
  7. Business facilitation or matching
  8. Company background or verification service
  9. Collection assistance
  10. Meeting room rental
  11. Translation, Interpretation and Cultural Services
  12. Company set ups
  1. Product Regulation & Labelling Advice
  2. Event Management Service
  3. Visa Assistance Service
  4. Job Opportunities
  5. Marketing Support
  6. Logistic Assistance
  7. Promotional & networking event organization
  8. B2B meeting organization
  9. Lead generation activities
  10. Consumer / market surveys
  11. Local business representation / commercial services